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About Us

Irish history live was inspired by a young boy who saw me at a medieval reenactment wearing armor and asked to wear it himself. I was happy to oblige and I wondered if this hands on approach would help children learn in schools too.


 In 1999 we presented our first show and it was a great success. Soon other schools wanted the Vikings show. Thanks to word of mouth our service began to grow. Other periods were added from the stone age to modern times.


The idea is to dress the children in period costume, try out tools, household items, weapons and armor. This makes the children the stars of the show. They learn experientially. and it's fun to learn! Those who have any difficulties learning find this way easier and simple to remember.


It is our goal to be a valuable resource to schools and assists teachers in their work and encourage children to love history and love to learn.

Michael Moylan
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